Building on What is Good, Strong, and Positive in People

What is the Profession of Kinlein?

Kinlein is a relatively new profession among the caring professions. The name kinlein came as the result of the initial practice in caring of the founder, M. Lucille Kinlein. Her clients named this care which they were receiving, “kinlein”, and told others they were going for “kinleining”. Just as one who practices law is called a lawyer, one who practices kinlein is called a kinleiner. The profession of kinlein encompasses the components of education, research, and professional practice.

The profession of kinlein is based on the following premises:

  • At conception, a person receives the power to take action in living life.
  • Each person has the responsibility for and control over his or her actions.
  • A person can know self better than anyone else can know self.
  • Dignity is a quality of being human.
  • A person can be assisted in a way that benefits self and others.

Life has a way of happening whether one is ready for it or not. So what kind of control does a person have in the midst of it? At these times it is common for persons to ponder the “big questions” of life.

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

Where did I come from?

What should I do now?

The Profession of Kinlein focuses on the person, moving in that power within, as these questions are addressed and acted upon in the situations that life brings.

Upcoming Opportunities

Announcements from the Profession of Kinlein: Coming in January, 2022

Book Clubs are forming to read and discuss A New View of Being Human
Written and edited by pioneers in a relatively new field of caring, this book introduces concepts and ideas that emerged as practitioners cared with clients, focusing on the “gold” within each person. Readers often discover their own gold within as they consider the ideas presented in this book. Learn More

A new series of classes in the Program of Study at the Institute of Kinlein, Anchorage will be offered January 27 through March 3, 2022
At the heart of this new caring profession is the truth that every human being has power to take action in living life day-by-day, moment-to-moment. In the Profession, this power is termed “esca.” Course content in this series presents complex and intriguing aspects of persons moving in esca and offers new perspectives in looking at purpose and values, relationships, decisions, and listening. Learn More