The Profession of Kinlein has a practice component whereby persons request assistance in regard to issues or concerns that life brings to them. One who practices Kinlein is called a Kinleiner. The person, the client, is assisted from the perspective that every human being has the power to take action in living life. People seek assistance from the Kinleiner in regard to any aspect of living, often relationships, health, careers, raising children, and others.

What Do Kinleiners Do?

Have you ever wished for a professional person who would care with you as you move through different situations; who would listen to you and provide an objective viewpoint without telling you what to do or how to do it; who would assist you in building on all that is good and strong within you?

That’s what kineiners do with clients.

The kinleiner listens and provides assistance through which the client may see self in a more objective light. Kinleiners are in practice in several states across the country.

Building On Your Strengths